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HPLC Training - Derex Labs

Short term Training Programmes

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Short Term Pharma Training Programmes

S. No.





Auditors Qualification: Conducting and facing Audits

4-5 hours. It can be delivered up to 8 hours also based on requirement.


Covers practical exercises, Videos and Role plays with relevant examples.


Good Manufacturing Practices: Basics

2 -4 Hours standard module.

Covers examples, videos and specific guidelines focus.



GMP – Details and Guideline Focus

20 hours program

Covering all the major guidelines, examples, videos and review skills.



Diploma in Regulatory Affairs

40 Hours (One month program)

Covering all guidelines, patents, regulatory requirements and Filings requirements.

Example based, videos, Group discussions and assignment based program.



Statistical Tools in pharmaceutical industry: & Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

2-3 hours program

Covers all the important tools including FMEA, Pareto, Fish Bone and so on which are widely used in industry.

Also examples, exercises, case studies are undertaken to clarify the same.



Business Communication Skills –

Effective Communication. (Soft skill enhancement)

4-5 Hours program

Covers concepts like – Principles of effective communication, importance of listening, Questioning techniques and non-verbal communication skills.

Activity based and interactive program.



Good documentation Practices - GDP

2-3 hours Program

Covers all basic requirements of documentation, types of documents and practices followed.



Change Controls

2 hours program

Covers all the regulatory changes and their impact on the practices with a maximum of examples.



Quality Management System – QMS

4-5 hours program

Covers all the Quality related activities and documentation ensuring compliance to the regulations.


Quality Assurance Program

4-5 hours program Based on the needs can be extended to 20-30 hours

Covers all the regulatory requirements and documentation, examples, videos, assignments, Group discussions and activity based program.

Covers concepts like QbD(Quality by design) and Risk Assessment



Program on Risk Assessment in Pharmaceutical industry

2-3 hours Program

Covers concepts like FMEA which is based on ICh Q9 approach.



Validation basics

2-3 hours Program

Covers cleaning validation, process validation and equipment validation approaches.



Advanced pharmaceutical technologies

10 to 20 hours program

Covers all the specialized dosage forms and recent trends on their developments.



Recalls and warning letters in pharmaceutical industry

3-4 hours program

Covers all the non-compliances and related examples with specific notes.


Scale Up in Pharma industry

8 hours program

Covers all the important steps and related facts necessary for bringing the product from lab to industrial scale.

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For Admission and Further details Please Contact Ms.Jyothsna on 9949974890