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SAS Training
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Derex Labs

 100% Certification Guranteed  Training by SAS CERTified Expert with 10+ yrs experiance



v      Introduction To Sas System & Architecture

v      History And Various Modules

v      Features

v      Variables & Sas Syntax Rules

v      Sas Data Sets

v      Data Set Options

v      Operators

v      If – Then Else Statement

v      Where Statement

v      Creating & Redefining Variables

v      Reading Raw Data

v      Infile Statement With Options

v      Multiple Observations and Multiple Datasets.

v      Input Styles

v      SAS Functions

v      Select Statement

v      Do Loops

v      Leave and Continue Statements

v      Output Statement &  Put Statement

v      Stop And Error Statements

v      Array Statement

v      Modifying And Combining Data Sets

v      Updating Master Data Set

v      Key Board Macros & Add Abbreviations

v      Display Manager Commands


v      Proc Sort

v      Proc Print

v      Proc Means

v      Proc Freq

v      Proc Plot

v      Proc Chart

v      Proc Compare

v      Proc Copy

v      Proc Summary

v      Proc Append

v      Proc Datasets

v      Proc Contents

v      Proc Delete

v      Proc Format

v      Proc Printto


v      Frequency Report

v      One-Way Frequency Report

v      Cross Tabular Frequency Report

v      Summary Statistics

v      Creating A List Report

v      Define Statement

v      Order Usage and Group

v      Printing Grand Totals

v      Rbreak Statement

v      Tabulate Procedure

v      One-Dimensional Tables

v      Two-Dimensional Tables

v      Obtaining A Total

v      Analysis Variables with options

v      Summary Statistics



v      Creating Rtf File

v      Creating Html File

v      Creating Pdf File

v      Creating Xml File

     PART -ii


v      Introduction

v      History

v      Features

v      Sql Command Set

v      Operators In Sql

v      Order By Clause

v      Group By Clause

v      Having Clause         

v      Distinct Clause

v      Create and Insert

v      Deleting,Populating And Updating


v      Introduction  To SAS/SQL

v      Features & Uses

v      Terminology

v      Data Types, Key Words, & Operators

v      Functions, Predicates & Functions

v      Formatting Output

v      Group By Clause, Order By Clause & Having Clause

v      Case Expression and Conditional Logic.

v      Creating ,Populating & Deleting Tables

v      Alter Table Statement

v      Changing Column’s Length

v      Joins & Views


v      Import & Export Procedures

v      Importing data from Ms-Access & Ms-Excel

v      Importing data from Oracle database

v      DbLoad Procedure


v      Gchart Procedure

v      Vertical, Horizontal, Pie

v      Donut

v      Group,Subgroups

v      Gplot  Procedure

v      Mutliple Plots & Overlay

v      Symbol Statement

v      Title  and Footnote Statements

v      Goptions


v      Macro Concepts

v      Macros And Macro Variables

v      Creating Macro Variables

v      Using Macro Variables

v      Creating Modular Code With Macros

v      Invoking A Macro

v      Adding Parameters To Macros

v      Macros With Conditional Logic

v      Using Various Procedures In Macros

v      Automatic Variables

v      Macro Functions

v      Including External Macros


v      Proc Univariate

v      Proc Corr

v      Proc Reg

v      Proc Anova

v      Proc Rank

v      Proc Transpose


v      Introduction To DW

v      Relationship Between SAS And Data Warehousing

v      Database Designing

v      Types Of Schema

v      Global Warehouse Designing Steps


v      Introduction To ETL

v      Application Of ETL In DW

v      ETL Process Model Development In SAS With Project


  PART-III (Only One Project)

v     Clinical Project

v     Banking Project

v     healthcare project

 Note: 1.Free Course Material & Certification Guidance.

             2. Fast Track & Weekend Batches Are Also There.

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